The future is now

The world is changing at breakneck speed, especially in the technology sector, whether it’s techolongy evolution, like Cloud and IoT, new product lines, or changes in vertical opportunities.

Adaptability, the ability of transformation, has never been more important than it is today. The ability of people, teams and entire organizations to repeatedly and successfully adapt to today’s “new normal” business environment, makes the difference between success and failure.

Facing these challenges might feel uncertain and complex, but together with ScanSource and Zebra, we can help you face these challenges and turn them into opportunities to transform your business.

Be rewarded for your efforts !

Embrace the change, win and discover our rewards for you!

Our goal is to support you in this transformation and reward you for all your hard work by giving you the right tools:

This is why we have set you 3 individual targets: Reach them by buying Zebra products and services from ScanSource and you could win free Zebra demo units or up to 2.500€ budget for a business activity of your choice to help you transform faster!

Make sure you register to the campaign so that you can discover your targets and find out how you’re doing !

How it works

Register for the ‘Time to Transform’ with Zebra and ScanSource campaign – we’ll send you an activation email.

Check your mailbox and confirm your registration.

Reach your individual target by buying Zebra products and services at ScanSource, until the 31.12.2020

Reach one of the top 2 spots on your leaderboard and win free Zebra demo units or up to 2.500 € of business development funds !

Track your progress

We will send you regular emails throughout the incentive period to keep you updated on your progress, but you can also keep an eye on your targets and your progress via this webpage.